Undoubtedly Africa has the potential to be the worlds greatest continent. A lot has happened in the past and is still happening that has shackled our continent to advance at the slowest pace, making the continent the poorest.

The “Africa Rise campaign” aims at preaching to Africans, home and abroad that we shouldn’t dwell in our past or see ourselves as painted by other race but rise in our beautiful skin and the richness of our lands to build a better future for our children.

This campaign aims to

(i)Inform and transform the thoughts and mindset of Africans to be proud of our race and commit to making our continent the greatest.

(ii)Keeping our identity and deploying ingenuity to improve our livelihoods

(iii)Breakaway from foreign aids and controls


We live in a world where religion, race, ethnicity and nationality has created division amongst us locally and globally; With different religions fighting each other, rich economies taking advantage over poor economies and the strong taking advantage of the weak.

This campaign seeks to encourage support and care for each other irrespective of our differences. That, our different colors, believes, cultures and abilities does not make us humanly inferior or superior, but rather to use our strengths to support each other.

The campaign holds that, if our actions are based on love, we will have less of the troubles(wars and natural disasters) this world is faced with.


The universe and our world never seizes to amaze us in its magnificence and beauty, with great and small creatures all playing different roles in harmony to display this beauty to the creator’s glory. Our world and everything in it is designed to sustain us and we have been given the authority by the creator to take care of our world and perpetuate the beauty of the creators work to His glory.

POLM believes that in taking care of our world, we take care of ourselves, thereby maintaining the harmony and flourish of our world as purposed by the creator. Throughout the ages, humans have advanced tremendously and the past century have seen the highest advancement in our history. These advancement have been fueled by our eagerness for a better standard of living and an easier way of life. The drive of our advancements are vey human centered and steered by a few who are mostly motivated by profit.

With these elements driving our actions for better livelihoods, a lot of damage have been done to the environment and ourselves. Countries rising against each other, natural resources misused to create wealth for a few, the rich taking advantage over the poor and the strong taking advantage over the weak. This has evidentially unbalanced our world causing all forms of disasters which troubles our world today.

This campaign aims to preach to the world that our actions in seeking our advancement or wellbeing should be environmentally centered rather than human centered. Putting the environment (which includes humans) at the heart of our inventions and innovations rather than outrageous profits in the way of building a better world. Our actions are to protect our world to harmoniously flourish together as originally purposed by the creator.