Polm has a vision to create a community of people who practicalize Christianity in their daily lives by exhibiting love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self control to build a better world. A lifestyle in this manner brings light to the world by supporting each other.

We believe that one must be on a stable ground to be able to support another. Stability comes from establishing one’s purpose in the will of God, discovering ones calling, harnessing one’s talent and maximizing one’s potential to fulfil their purpose. Hence our commitment to help individuals establish their foundation on the solid rock of God’s will.

Our approach is focused on developing individuals to bear fruits of love in fulfilling their purpose, for people to see the beauty in Christ Jesus. This draws others in to embrace this lifestyle and commit to spreading the love, thereby creating a chain of love agents impacting families, communities, countries and the world at large.

Over the years, art works in the form of music, theater, painting and others have influenced lives in many ways to the extent of permeating cultures and fostering global connections. Through these art forms, different countries and cultures for that matter have come to accept and indulge in other ways of life that has shaped the fabric of our international community. This is evident in our dressing, speech, relationships and many areas of our lives.

Polm appreciates the impact of art in our lives, hence our actions to spread the message of love is driven through biblically inclined art works in the form of music, drama, painting etc.

Therefore, we build our POLM community by these steps;

(i) Identify talent

(ii) Develop the talent

(iii) Produce art works

(iv) Share artworks with our audience, and

(v) invite audience whose hearts align with our works to join us in fellowship

Identifying Talent

Polm believes in individual talents and potential. We believe that our gifting’s and talents will make way for us to flourish or excel and this is why it is crucial for one to be aware and realize  their God given purpose. We are committed to discovering individual calling, harnessing individual talent and maximizing individual potential.

Develop Talent

Talent have made some people great and have destroyed others, these results are achieved based on the developed foundation of the talent. Polm believes in investing resources on the talent to develop them with an unshakable foundation in love, integrity, creativity, teamwork and excellence.
Just like a seed stays in the ground a while to go through gemination processes before shooting out from the ground, we take time with our talents going through the process to establish a solid foundation. This foundation guides them in deploying their talents and keeps them on track irrespective of challenges they may encounter. Talents also go through a branding process at this stage to harmonize their lifestyle and works.

Creating Content

Polm provides resources to talents in the way of trainings, coaching, environment for creativity, finances, logistics, production systems and other various forms of support to produce respective art works. Produced works are reviewed and approved by experts to ensure work is delivered professionally with a taste that impact the audience.

Sharing Content

Our products in forms of music, spoken word, theater, and message of truth are shared with our audience on various platforms which includes social media, performances, concerts and other virtual and social audio platforms.

This is the process of engaging with our audience for an interactive experience of delivering our products and their reaction in receiving the product. Every product created and shared has a purpose to impact our audience by transforming their hearts to practicalize the Christian way of life.

Invitation to Fellowship

Through our content sharing interaction with our audience, we encourage them to sign on to our platforms and stay connected with POLM as we continually share our contents with them. Through this POLM – audience experience process, we collect data on our audience and to further connect with those whose heart aligns with the purpose of the group by inviting them to join the POLM community in fellowship.